The course is sold on a CD-ROM.

The CDrom works on both MAC and PC. No software installation is required.

Price: 17,50€
Shipment within Europe: 2,50€
Shipment outside Europe: 5,00€
Paypal Fee: 1,00€




Which software do I need?

Acrobat Reader and Flash Player. You can download them for free on

How to start the CD with PC or MAC?

If the course does not start automatically, you can open the folder of the CD and click either on _START-PC or _START-MAC according to your type of computer.

I have not been able to download Adobe Flash Player. Can I still use the CD?

Please check the Adobe site for a version compatible with your system. If you are still unable to download the software, click on _DEMARRAGE-PC and the course will start on your browser.


What type of ink do I need?

Any Chinese Ink will do. If using another type, please select a light ink.

What type of pen shall I choose?

Select a width of at least 3mm in order to feel the difference between thin and thick lines.

What paper do I need?

Glossy paper is preferred because the pen will slide easily.

Level requirements

I am a beginner, is this course adapted for me?

Yes. The module “First Step” is especially designed for you. By practicing with simple shapes, you will learn how to handle the pen, to use the ink, and develop your rhythm.

I have already practiced calligraphy--what can this course provide me with?

You can improve your skill level and learn how to realize your artistic designs.